private investigative Services

Special Services:

Employment of our hidden camera systems augments the investigative tools needed to gather evidence of wrongdoing. We customize, install and monitor results.

Special purpose vehicles and other specialized equipment are used to assure successful outcome.

Background Investigations:

Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC investigates personal backgrounds of prospective employees, business partners, executives, associates, contractors, service personnel, childcare services, in-home service individuals, perspective service providers and special purposes.

Insurance Investigations:

Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC provides invaluable assistance to insurance companies and self-insurers in establishing the factual basis of casualty insurance claims, including maritime, aviation, life and arson claims. We obtain information to enable clients to properly evaluate and make equitable settlement or defense of claims.

Embezzlement, Fraud, Employee Theft Investigations:

Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC investigates loses to banks, investment house, accounting firms, industrial and commercial companies, transposition companies, manufacturing firms, and private individuals to provide evidence for their legal representative and comptroller successfully and economically to combat any irregularity.

Legal Investigations:

Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC, a premier private investigative firm performs all types of investigations for attorneys in criminal and civil matters, both domestic and international, including documentation of evidence, presenting the facts of each case comprehensively, accurately, and in a form adapted by counsel for use in court presentation and arbitration.

Database Services:

More than 2.5 billion records are accessed to find information, assets and people. Find friends, lost loved ones, relatives, missing heirs and others. Profile your customers, partners and relationships quickly and affordably.

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Our investigative expertise includes, video and physical surveillance, backgrounds, locates, witness statements, Computer Forensics, domestic relations are our specialties. Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC services include the following:

Civil & Criminal Private Investigative Services:

Business and Personal Liability

Background Checks
Background Investigaitons
Cell Phone Forensics
Civil Background/History
Civil Investigation
Complete Background Investigations
Computer Forensic Services
Due Diligence

Copyright, Patent Infringement & Trademark Protection

Criminal Background / History
Criminal Investigations
Employment Investigations
Computer Forensic Services
Corporate Espionage
Corporate Security
Credential Verifications
Due Diligence
Employee Background Checks
Employment Disputes
Employment Reference Checks
Executive Protection
Fraud & Theft Investigation



Insurance Fraud Investigations

Accident Investigations
Activity Checks
Clinic Inspections
Credential Verifications – Providers, Clinics and other Services
Equipment / Clinic Verifications
General Insurance Defense
Insurance Claim Investigation
Personal Injury
Product Liability, Diversion and Tampering
Video Surveillance
Witness Interviews
Witness Preparation and Location
Witness Statements – Audio and written
Workmen Compensation Surveillance

Litigation Support & Intelligence

Asset Search
Judgment Recovery
Legal Document Services
Lie Detection Examinations/PSE
Lie Detector/ P. S. E. (Psychological Stress Evaluator)
Litigation Support
Motor Vehicle Services
Process Service
Public Records Retrieval
Trial Preparation
Witness Interviews
Witness Preparation and Location
Witness Statement and Affidavits obtained.
Witnesses Located

Locate Services / Missing Persons

Missing Persons
People Locates/Skip Trace


Child Support/Custody
Domestic Relations Investigation
Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
Infidelity Expert
Mate Screening
Relationship Expert

Special Services – Corporate/Private Sector

Cell Phone Forensics
Computer Forensics
Covert and Video Cameras – Sold, Installed and Customized
Covert Surveillance
Covert Video Equipment/Installations
Death Investigations
Eavesdropping Sweeps
Electronic Surveillance
Identity Theft
Mystery Shopping
Nursing Home Abuse Investigation
Security Surveys/Consultation
Skip Trace Service
Undercover Intelligence
Undercover Operations

Surveillance - Nationwide

Physical Surveillance
Video/Photo Surveillance