The INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES we offer include the following list. Our investigative firm handles difficult and challenging tasks! We are the best choice for investigative services. Let us earn your trust! Join the "Who's Who" list of American businesses, corporations and individuals who have placed their confidence in Mitchell Reports™ over five decades. We value the opportunity meet or exceed your expectations, goals and requirements.


Investigative Assignments


Insurance Investigations

Embezzlement, Fraud, Employee Theft Investigations

Legal Investigations

Database Services

Business and Personal Liability

Copyright, Patent Infringement & Trademark Protection

Workers Compensation

Background Investigations

Insurance Fraud Investigations/Defense

Litigation Support & Intelligence

Locate Services / Missing Persons

Matrimonial/Infidelity/Child Custody

Special Services – Corporate/Private Sector

Computer/Cell Forensic Services

Jury Selection

Records Retrieval - Nationwide

Database Records Search

Surveillance Specialists


Our Expertise

Surveillance Services

Infidelity/Child Custody

Insurance Claim Investigations/Defense

Background Investigations/Pre-employment

Corporate Espionage

Civil & Criminal Investigations

Employment Disputes

Lie Detection Examinations/PSE

Covert and Video Surveillance

Covert Investigations

Evidence Retrieval

Domestic Relations/Infidelity/Child Custody

Interviews and Interrogations

Witness Preparation and Location

Documentary Evidence Collection



You have made the right choice in selecting Mitchell Reports Investigations, LLC for your investigative needs. Contact us now, we would be pleased to answer all of your questions and inform you about the best options, recommendations and investigative options or services. We look forward to being of service.

Investigations & Consulting is done on a per-hour basis. Our hourly rate for these services varies by assignment, difficulty, urgency and risk. Please contact us for more information.

After completing our investigative assignment form forward to us and we will confirm receipt, assignment and provide an anticipated completion date.

Please call or email with further questions.

(800) 785-2425


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