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Relationships are under attack by adultery!

It seems that every week there is a new headline with another celebrity, sports figure, politician, clergy, or other high profile people who were caught cheating.

Adultery is more prevalent in our society than ever before. It's an unfortunate fact. When it happens to someone famous, the story gets reported in tabloids and on the news as 'celebrity gossip'. But when adultery happens to you or someone you know, it can be overwhelming.

You can have all the money and fame in the world, but it doesn't matter. When infidelity occurs, everything is in jeopardy: your family, custody of your children, money, reputation, jobs... everything that is important in your life.

Learn the truth NOW and understand your options so you can gain control

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, you need to read "The More You Know" by nationally recognized infidelity expert and private investigator, Bill Mitchell.

This best-selling book has helped thousands of people who had a "gut feeling" that their husband or wife was being unfaithful. In some cases, they even had some evidence. They just did not know what to do next... until they read "The More You Know."

When your spouse has been unfaithful, you probably feel a range of emotions such as:

Let's face it - none of those are pleasant emotions to experience at any time. "The More You Know" can help you learn the important steps you can begin immediately to start protecting yourself, your future, your kids... and begin to feel like you have control over what happens next.

If you or someone you know thinks a spouse is cheating, "The More You Know" will help you to quickly understand the following:

You may recognize Bill Mitchell from his appearances on network TV shows such as Dr. Phil, CBS' The Early Show, Today Show on NBC, Hannity & Colmes, Fox News, or one of his many radio interviews. He is also known as "The 7-Day Detective" because of his ability to collect valuable information and evidence in just one week. He has taken his more than 4 decades of experience as a private investigator and security expert to write "The More You Know" which has become the book that other investigators use as their guide when working for their clients!

"Most people do everything wrong when they learn they are the victim of a cheating spouse. I've helped thousands of people over four decades understand how to move forward the right way to protect themselves, and in some cases, even save the marriage!"
-Bill Mitchell

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THE MORE YOU KNOW is worth its weight in gold and I highly value your opinion on this matter because of your extensive field experience and the obvious understanding you have regarding the devastation infidelity can cause. Thank you. - MARY R., FLORIDA

There are, of course, a lot of books 'out there' regarding the topic of adultery, but I think Mr. Mitchell's experience as a private investigator resulted in an exceptionally informative and easy-to-read book offering sound practical advice. A personal example... I didn't read this book until AFTER confronting my husband... without 'proof.' Then I saw my very own situation reflected in Mr. Mitchell's book. Get the book, follow his advice. He really knows what he's talking about. - M, AUGUST

THIS BOOK IS CLEAR, concise and very useful for anyone affected by infidelity. I would call the author ‘the Dr. Phil' of detectives-he cuts to the chase. As a psychotherapist, I would recommend it to clients! -VIRGINIA, USA, MAY 20, 2002

ANY HUSBAND OR WIFE who may benefit from proving adultery in divorce court should read this book by William F. Mitchell, Jr., and then run out a hire a private eye! I did on behalf of my client. -ROBIN ROSHKIND, ESQUIRE, DIVORCE LAWYER, PALM BEACH, FLORIDA

It's never too late. The signs of adultery often precede the affair. If you recognize one or more of them in your spouse, do something about it if you want to save the marriage. -FRANK J. LAROCCA, ESQUIRE, SPINATO, CONTE & LAROCCA, GLEN ROCK, NJ

I'VE BEEN A DIVORCE LAWYER forty years and know what's for real and what isn't. Bill Mitchell's book is on the money. It's credible, accurate and very much for real. Mitchell is a true pro and it show. His ethics and integrity shine through on each and every page. - J. RICHARD KULERSKI, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OAK BROOK, IL

TO LIVE ENTANGLED IN LIES and deception consumes our energy and well being. Bill Mitchell in his new book, ‘The More You Know,' provides a valuable service by conveying the importance of seeking the truth. Bill uses his background as a detective to give you this gift. -DR. ROBERT HUIZENGA

WILLIAM F. MITCHELL, JR. is one of the most outstanding investigators in America today. He learned from the best, his father, William F. Mitchell, Sr., a former FBI Agent and close friend and confidante of mine. This book is a help to everyone in their everyday life. It furnishes knowledge beyond just those experiencing this dilemma. -TED GUNDERSON, SR. SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE OF LOS ANGELES-FBI RETIRED, AUTHOR "HOW TO LOCATE ANYONE WITHOUT LEAVING HOME" EP DUTTON, 1989 (28 YEARS WITH THE FBI AND 50 YEARS AS AN INVESTIGATOR), LECTURER AND JOURNALIST, BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA

THROUGHOUT MY YEARS as an investigator and my involvement in the teaching industry I have read or reviewed literally hundreds of books and articles relating to the private investigation practice. Bill Mitchell has taken his years as an investigator and combined them with a heart of empathy and understanding for the emotional, life altering scenario simply known as adultery. His book will serve as an incredibly useful tool to investigators involved in this type of investigation, but more importantly it serves as a source of help for those that find themselves in the unfortunate situation of wondering if their spouse or significant other is being unfaithful. Thank you Bill for putting education and heart into your book. -W. LARRY DAVIS, LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA - PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR FOR 21 YEARS AND FORMER MARINE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR

THE MORE YOU KNOW is written by experienced private investigator William F. Mitchell Jr. for the purpose of helping men and women of all ages and backgrounds who find themselves victimized by the adultery of their spouses, and can often find no tangible and thematically appropriate help in their personal and marital crisis. Mitchell offers a unique and "real world" based compendium of advice about the "warning signs of adultery", how to satisfy a "need to know"; how to resolve issues of adultery even before they start; how to "adultery proof" a marriage; and when adultery has occurred, how to save a marriage. The More You Know is one of those self-help books that we never want to have need of-but will find invaluable when we do. -BOOK REVIEWS, BOOK LOVER RESOURCES, ADVICE FOR WRITERS AND PUBLISHERS HOME/INTERNET BOOKWATCH VOLUME 12, NUMBER 10 OCTOBER 2002 HOME | IBW INDEX - M AUGUST 9, 2002

Licensed private investigator Bill Mitchell, also known as "The 7-Day Detective" for his ability to garner crucial information in a single week, ‘The More You Know: Getting the Evidence and Support You Need to Investigate a Troubled Relationship' is a straightforward guide for individuals, investigators, attorneys, clergy, and counselors - anyone who needs to know right away whether a spouse is cheating. Chapters cover the eight telltale signs of adultery, how to obtain proof of infidelity which can be used in a court of law and can influence asset and custody settlements, and how to pick up the pieces of one's life and move on. An absolute "must-have" for anyone concerned that their relationship may be at risk. - Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

I recommend this book to my clients who suspect their spouses of infidelity. I keep copies in my waiting room and clients have found them informative and helpful. -Harvey C. Shapiro, Esquire Matrimonial Attorney, Binghamton, NY

Q: Can you recommend any good book for helping me to determine if my spouse is involved in an affair? A: Yes, The More You Know by William F. Mitchell, Jr. -Gitlin, Haaff & Kasper, Woodstock, IL, Il

There's a reason why Bill Mitchell is called the "Dr. Phil of private detectives. Not only does he have a wealth of experience as an investigator in the private sector but he has a degree in psychology. It shows throughout his book, "The More You Know." While reviewing this book for private investigators Mr. Johnson stated "This is a book you (private investigators) can hand out to the distraught wife who has come to your office as the victim of an adulterous affair. I wish I had Bill Mitchell's book when I started my agency in 1990's. -Don C. Johnson, Editor, PI Magazine

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Getting your hands on "The More You Know" is the most intelligent next step you can do right now if you suspect your wife or husband is having an affair. The good news is that you can have "The More You Know" book in electronic format downloaded to your computer in the next few minutes. This will help you in so many ways, including:

If you're ready to begin to learn what steps you need to take right now so that you can protect yourself and feel like you have more control over your life, just CLICK HERE.

This book that has helped thousands of people in similar situations as you can have delivery to your computer in just a few minutes for only $19.97. Knowledge is power!

Feel secure knowing that we offer a 120 Day Money Back Guaranty. If you are not pleased with your purchase, simply let us know and we'll refund your money. You can keep the book and The Emergency Infidelity Survival Plan.

It's time to stop feeling helpless and afraid. Learn what you can do today to begin collecting the information that will protect you in the future. Feel empowered by knowing what to expect and what you need to do next.

Don't forget - when you download the book, you will also receive The Emergency Infidelity Survival Plan free! This important 15 step report is what Bill Mitchell sends to his clients when they first call him for advice.

Of course, if you prefer, the book is available in soft cover for just $14.97 and can be shipped confidentially to a secure address to protect your privacy. Your book will arrive wrapped in a plain padded envelope with a return label showing it is from Eagle's Nest Publications in Greenville, SC.

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