"The More You Know -- Getting the Evidence and Support YOU Need to Investigate a Troubled Relationship" by Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell is the trusted source for the reliable information you need NOW. His new book "The More You Know" tells you everything you need to know to protect yourself and your future in a relationship that could be in trouble. Learn the many signs of infidelity. Find out why, when, and where most affairs occur. Then learn what you should be doing about it.

Do YOU suspect the person you love is having an affair?

Infidelity can damage your relationship beyond recovery. You could be left hurt, humiliated, and unable to fully trust people in the future. Bill Mitchell's new book confidently steps you through the process of uncovering a cheating partner, then dealing smartly with the consequences.

Not all men and women have affairs. Those that do CHEAT almost NEVER admit to it!. Even if you ask him point blank, he'll deny having an affair. Even if you catch him cheating on video, 99% will STILL say it never happened.

How can you KNOW he or she is cheating on you? What telltale signs should you be LOOKING for? Could you be WRONG and filled with suspicion that could eventually destroy your relationship?

In "The More You Know," Bill Mitchell relies on decades of experience as one of America's leading investigators. Find out:

Is YOUR relationship the kind that is most at risk?

The 8 most common warning signs that almost always mean he or she it cheating

Five simple steps to get the proof you need

Ten ways to use the powerful element of surprise

When you must hire a private investigator and how to find the right one

How to recover emotionally, financially, and socially when your partner commits adultery

"The More You Know" shows you the same methods top private investigators use to analyze bank records, phone bills, computer use, and auto mileage. Uncover cheating like a pro. Not only will you catch them in the act, you will posses the evidence you need to prove your case in court if needed.

Finally, Bill Mitchell understands that most people deeply want to repair their relationship. He details ten vital steps you must know to get the emotional assistance you need. Only when you have a balanced outlook can you make the decisions that will serve you best for the rest of your life.


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