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Time Magazine heralded Mr. Mitchell's bold efforts in cracking the FBI's first major computer crime in 1978 (as pictured below). Bill Mitchell was the initial investigator in this landmark case. At the Society of Former Special FBI Agent national conventions, former FBI Director William Webster credited the successful prosecution of the case based Bill's photographic and 16mm film evidence.

Mr. Mitchell is a graduate of Mt. St. Mary's University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. In 1978 Mitchell became certified as a P.S.E. (Psychological Stress Evaluator – Voice Stress) examiner in lie detection through Dektor Counterintelligence of Springfield, Virginia. Certified under Mr. Mike Kradz, former government trained polygraph examiner, one of the founding members of the American Polygraph Association in 1965, former Chief of Detectives for the state of Maryland, former U.S. Government Intelligence Officer, with a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Bill was certified to conduct lie detection examinations using both the PSE1 and PSE101 models.

Mr. Mitchell has received specialized training in the areas of Physical Security, Computer Forensics, Counterintelligence Awareness, Bomb Threats, Risk Assessments, Domestic Terrorism, DECA Program, Foreign Travel Briefings, Disaster/Contingency Training, Drug Abuse Training, Electronic Debugging and Countermeasures and other disciplines from John E. Reid & Associates, Dektor Counterintelligence, Inc., Defense Security Institute, American Society for Industrial Security, National Security Counsel, U.S. Army, Defense Contract Audit Agency, TRW, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, Defense Investigative Service, FBI, SLED, NJ State Police, and other security related organizations.

RADIO CORPORATION OF AMERICA, Moorestown, NJ: Bill Mitchell managed a security de partment consisted of the nation's second largest force with five thousand (5000) man-hours per week. His policies and practices afforded continued government security contracts and revenues by insuring total compliance demanded by the U.S. Government. This U.S. Naval goverment, situated in the Garden State of South Jersey, a six thousand (6000) person workforce including three unions, non-union personnel and countless subcontractors. In 1985 he achieved Facility Security Officer Certification from the Department of Defense, as well as numerous certifications in security education. Bill qualified for and held a Top Secret Clearance.

GENERAL ELECTRIC CORPORATION, Binghamton, NJ: Bill Mitchell directed the security operations of this Fortune 100 government contractor, oversight of security operations, plant protection, policy setting and enforced regulations/practices to ensure government compliance on contract obligations.

Since 1987 Mr. Mitchell successfully owned and operated a New York State licensed private investigative agency over two decades travelling extensively across the United States on challenging assignments. In addition to practicing within New York, he has practiced in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. In 2004 Mr. Mitchell relocated his investigative business and currently holds SLED privative license in the state of South Carolina.

Mitchell earned the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America at age 14, and he continues to hold dear those values and skills learned in his youth. In every case he strives to uncover truth, counsels clients and helps to bring closure to those among the thousands in the midst of the crisis of infidelity and child custody battles. His investigative work and courtroom testimonies have led to numerous sought after legal decisions and preferred out-of-court settlements.

Mr. Mitchell is a member of South Carolina Association of Legal Investigators, Piedmont Claims Association and of the National Association of Investigative Specialists. He was formerly a member of ALDONYS, ASIS, ION and Southern Tier Claims Association.

He is currently writing several new books stemming from case assignments and associations with government agencies. Since the release of his book, Adultery-Facing Its Reality, Mr. Mitchell has been referred to as "the Dr. Phil of Private Detectives." His latest new release The More You Know – Getting the evidence and support you need to investigate a troubled relationship was published December 2004.

Bill Mitchell is a nationally known infidelity expert appearing on the Dr. Phil Show, NBC Today with Matt Lauer, CBS The Early Show, Fox News Hannity and Colmes Show. He has been an expert guest of many talk radio shows across nationwide and now resides in South Carolina with his wife and four children.



About William F. Mitchell, sr.
Former FBI Special Agent/Private Investigator/Enterpreneur

bill mitchell, sr.

Former FBI Special Agent


Bill Mitchell, Sr. a former FBI Special Agent founded "Mitchell Reports" in 1961, headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ, serving the greater Philadelphia area and the nation for many decades. Mr. Mitchell's professional experience included:

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION: During 1950-56 Bill Mitchell was assigned criminal investigations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington, D.C., Boston, MA and New York City, NY. Assignments included criminal investigations to include major cases, such as, the Brinks armed robbery, Quonset Naval Base payroll robbery and fraud against the U.S. Government, fugitive matters. Bill Mitchell set the record for successful fugitive locates who were missing over ten year and returned to custody in one twenty-four hour period.

THE BUDD COMPANY, Philadelphia, PA: Served as Assistant Personnel Director over a four year period. Responsibilities included directing a four thousand personnel operation including the security and fire department covering 26 acres of land with a five mile fence line. The security/fire department consisted of a seven-man staff. Responsible for recruiting, training, and directing management training program for college graduates from a variety of Engineering and Business Management Universities.

ASSOCIATION OF CASUALTY and SURETY COMPANIES, Philadelphia, PA: This office had five investigators who were mostly former Special Agents of Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sponsored by the Stock, Mutual and Independent Insurance Companies, and including the State Chamber of Commerce. The mission focused on "ferreting out" fraudulent claims, develop evidence and bring cases to local and state prosecutors for prosecution. Over thirty three successful prosecutions were made during a four year program.

WILLIAM F. MITCHELL ASSSOCIATES, INC, Cherry Hill, NJ: Founder, President and Chief Investigator who successfully opened four field offices along the Eastern States Coast. Investigations included private industry concerns for many Fortune 500 Corporations and major private and commercial insurance carriers.

Bill Mitchell, Sr. graduated from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., with a B.S. Degree in Pre-Law and Business Administration. He attended FBI Academy, Quantico, VA for an eighteen week intensive training program covering all aspects of investigation relative to crimes against the U.S. Government. Dektor Counterintelligence, Springfield, VA in 1970, graduate Psychological Stress Evaluation Training School. A pioneer in use of Dektor's PSE Lie Detection technology certifying on the PSE 1. Mr. Mitchell held a close alliance with company founder Allen D. Bell and funded the continued operation as stockholder in Dektor Counterintelligence during the early years.

Insurance Information Institute training furnished while employed by the Association of Casualty and Surety Companies in the early 1960's.

Bill Mitchell, Sr. passed away after a courageous battle with Alzheimer's disease.



Bill Mitchell, Sr. former G-Man story


Bill Mitchell, Jr. cracks the FBI's first major Computer Crime, Philadelphia, PA

Mitchell Reports investigative business highlighted
The Washington Post
Time Magazine
Philadelphia Inquirer
Sunday, November 17, 1974
August 8, 1977
November 21, 1976


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"William F. Mitchell, Jr. is one of the most outstanding investigators in America today. He learned from the best, his father, William F. Mitchell, Sr., a former FBI Agent, close friend and confidante of mine."

Ted Gunderson, Sr. Special Agent in Charge of Los Angeles-FBI retired,
author How to locate anyone without leaving home EP Dutton, 1989
(28 years with the FBI and 50 years as an investigator), lecturer and journalist,
Beverly Hills, California